Through God’s revelation, this book unseals the Biblical prophecies related to the timing of the Apocalypse, the Rapture, and the second coming of Jesus.  It pleased God to reveal the timing of these prophetic events because the dispensation of grace is about to end so His people can prepare for what is about to take place.  The Scriptures say that God does not act unless He reveals His plan to His servants.  This book contains the revelation of His plan, and so He is now justified in acting by unleashing the Apocalypse on this world at the time prophesied in the Scriptures.  The Apocalypse will affect the entire world; everyone has a stake in it.  Accordingly, this book discusses the catastrophic events and timing of the Apocalypse, and it describes how people can prepare to make it alive into the Rapture and obtain eternal life in the Kingdom of God.  Among the revelations contained in this book is the identity of the mark of the beast and the individual with the number 666, which up to this point had not yet been revealed.  The book also discusses the prophetic fate of America (and the world) at the unfolding of the Apocalypse.  Lastly, for all those planning to start a family and have children, it is imperative that they know the timing of the beginning of the Apocalypse so they can plan accordingly because Jesus said, “Woe to those who are pregnant and to those who nurse infants in those days [the Apocalypse]” (Luke 21:23). The author is a humble servant of God.  Many years ago while praying in church, a sister received a prophecy from God that He was going to use the author in the future.  The sister spoke this prophecy at church in front of other church members, so they are witnesses to this prophecy.  This book is a fulfillment of this prophecy because God uses the author to unseal His end-time prophecies in this book.  God said that His end-time prophecies would remain sealed until the time of the end.  We are now at the time of the end and the Apocalypse is around the corner, so God has used this author to unseal His end-time prophecies in this book.  The following is the table of contents, so you know the material contained in this book:

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